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Welcome to the Internal Audit Website

The Summit County Audit Committee would like to invite you to peruse the website to acquaint yourself with the Committee and its Internal Audit Department. Please take some time to read about the work that we have been charged to accomplish by you – the residents of Summit County.

Just a few facts…

Internal audit provides an independent review function that can be invaluable to management in evaluating operations, processes, policies, and procedures.

Internal audit provides a mechanism to investigate suspected fraud, waste, and abuse.

Internal audit provides public accountability for use of tax dollars, resulting in better government.

Summit County was the first county of Ohio’s 88 counties to create an Internal Audit Department and Audit Committee. We remain one of only two counties in Ohio mandated to institute, oversee, and perform internal audit functions.

Internal audit is very prevalent in the southern and western regions of the United States and most counties there have well established internal audit departments.

The Internal Audit Department reports directly to the Summit County Audit Committee.

Benefits Provided By Internal Audit

Perform independent operational and performance audits of all County departments, courts, boards, and agencies.

Work on special projects related to specific issues, systems, and processes, upon requests by the Audit Committee and individual departments.

Serve as an independent, objective source of information for the citizens of Summit County.

Serve as a resource for County management to obtain advice on financial, operational, performance, information systems, and security issues, controls, and procedures.

Public Service is a Privilege

We are proud of the service that we provide to Summit County citizens and its government officials. We work with the highest standard of integrity, independence, and professionalism. We value a working environment of teamwork, open communication, respect for others, and a common desire to do our best to serve the citizens of Summit County.

As government auditors, the citizens of Summit County are our clients. Our efforts are not only directed at helping improve County government to better serve its citizens, but also to report to them those opportunities for improvement that we identify.

Internal Audit serves as a catalyst, prompting a more efficient, effective, and accountable local government. Internal Audit acts as a key risk advisor…a source of change management in the County.