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Today, government officeholders, courts, and agencies are asked to reduce costs, improve the quality of services to match the expectations of its constituents and provide for the most effective and efficient operations. The Summit County Internal Audit Department is focused on assisting Summit County government address these challenges. We provide auditing services to all of Summit County’s many and varied units in the areas of:

Internal Audit

  • Internal control review and testing
  • Cash handling review
  • Segregation of duties assessment and recommendations
  • Policies and procedures analysis and recommendations
  • Security procedures evaluation and recommendations
  • Disaster recovery examination and recommendations
  • Information technology solution implementation via control review and recommendations
  • Contract and grant monitoring
  • Operational, performance, information systems, and compliance audits
  • Agreed upon procedures and follow-up audits


  • Management training opportunities
  • Assist with focusing on future trends and strategic goals
  • Identify processes to increase flexibility and apply resources where and when they are needed most
  • Cost benefit analysis services

Lean Operations

  • Continual optimization of processes according to best practice
  • Use of technology to develop consolidation of efforts to provide optimal, cost effective services
  • Internal controls review of proposed new systems
  • Assistance with review of current systems, developing Request for Proposals (RFP) and project scope, contract review and negotiations and implementation services in IT, fiscal and operations areas
  • Fiscal operations consulting
  • Assist operational managers with focusing on performance and improvement opportunities

Performance Management

  • Assistance with adjusting performance management around leading indicators, projecting future performance

Organizational Change

  • Drive change towards a clear vision guided by a strong customer focus
  • Identify appropriate resources for deployment by management
  • Assistance in preparing for constant change and improvement of Countywide operations
  • Develop the mindset that customer service drives an organization’s process